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Winscombe Primary School

Emma Cox

Emma Cox


Emma has been a governor for 7 years within the federation.  Emma joined the governors initially as a community governor as a resident of Winscombe she has always had a vested interested in being involved in the local community so as well as being a governor is also one of the Brownie leaders for the 1st Strawberry Line Brownies.  As a parent to 3 children at Winscombe Primary School, Emma is also an active member of Winscombe PTFA where she is involved in the summer fete, bonfire, quiz night and other activities to raise money for the children.  Some of her proudest moments during this time was being able to raise the money needed to replace the school library and build brand new play equipment in the playground, all things that children will be enjoying for years to come.


Professionally Emma works as the Talent Development Manager at Thatcher's Cider.  As part of this role Emma manages Thatcher's apprenticeship and graduate programmes which include developing young people, Thatcher's education programmes and providing opportunities in the local community.


As Chair of Governors Emma works in partnership with the headteacher to ensure positive outcomes for all of our children, as well as developing our schools for the future shape of education.


Declaration of interests:

  • 3 children at Winscombe Primary School
  • Brownie Leader to Winscombe and Sandford school children at 1st Strawberry Line Brownies  
  • Potentially delivering voluntary education workshops within the federation schools as part of professional role at Thatcher's.