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Winscombe Primary School

Coronavirus - information and advice

Catch up premium spending report

Remote Learning overview for Winscombe Primary School.

Re opening of School - letter from Executive Headteacher

Return to school COVID 19 - Risk assessment

Return to school routine

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How to talk yo your child about what's happening

No matter how calmly you manage the current environment, children are likely to be anxious, so it's important to talk to them about what's happening.  

Chldren pick up bits of information form their friends, from the news and from listening to adults talking around them - but they can misunderstand what they're hearing.  Talk to them calmly and openly in an age-appropriate manner.




Home Education Advice


Home Education Advice for Parents / Carers Following significant numbers of requests for advice being received from parents of school children who are currently at home due to the Corona virus, Education Otherwise has produced a guidance document for those families. This addresses the concerns that parents have expressed to us.


Power of Kindness activity for children 

This is a lovely idea to help children become aware of how they are able to spread happiness during these extraordinary times and how their actions can make a difference to those around them. 



Mental Health and Wellbeing information and contact details