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Winscombe Primary School

Class Dojo

As you know, I have set up a class page on Class Dojo, which is a means to communicate with me and share/show work the children have been doing during their time away from school. I can see everything that is sent and have overall site control as to what is uploaded - it needs my approval, even on individual portfolios.


Children can add comments and pictures to their own portfolio which I can 'approve' to be put up on their page. The 'Class Story' can only be added to by myself and comments on children's portfolio additions are also only possible by me.


Children can view other children's portfolios by clicking 'Switch Student' at the top of the homepage. This enables them to see everything that has been approved and posted. 


Please be aware it will take a little while to get used to the website!


The website is:

Please note this is the children's code to access Class Dojo.

This will change on a regular basis.


                                                                                VSO NWJ