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Winscombe Primary School

Class 6

Welcome to Year 6


You are now entering the our zone! WELCOME to all!

We had an outside socially distanced 'Goodbye and Good luck' to our awesome Year 6.

Home Learning Time


Welcome to the Home Learning area of our page. We  have returned to our Home Learning Bingo Sheet so to keep you going with your great learning at home.


Don't forget you can choose the activities you do. We have given you a selection to choose from, you don't have to complete them all. It would be good if you try to do some of the English and the Maths as this will help you to keep your skills up. Enjoy!


Home Learning Bingo - What can I do at home? (School Learning Pack Work)

Weekly News boards    


                    Spring Term

Spring Term Overview

YEAR 6 Essentials

Homework timetable

In Yr. 6 homework is given out on different days of the week.  

How did we get to modern day Britain?

This is our new topic for the term. Firstly, we will be finding out about key events in British history and then moving onto studying some world events. These will link to people who made a difference in their time and we will investigate how it has changed our society today.

Autumn Term

Changes to Britain in World War Two?

In the second part of the autumn term we studied the Second World War concentrating on the turning points to the nation. We asked the question: "What changed in Britain because of Wartime?" We looked through our own eyes to see the changes. Some of the turning points we studied were: The Phoney war and the preparations, The Home front - Women at work, Air raids, Evacuation and Kindertransporte. We linked these to issues with today in terms of evacuees and refugees.


Full Steam Ahead !


Yes, it is full steam ahead for us this term! We have so much to look forward to especially our Hooke Court residential visit! 

Autumn Term Overview

We are studying Queen Victoria as a monarch and are mainly looking at the key changes in society in Victorian Britain.  We will be mainly concentrating on the plight of the poor through our class novel " Street Child" and looking at the central change of  steam travel. This links fabulously with our connection to the Strawberry Line!

Look below at our residential camp ; we had a Wow day to introduce our topic.

Hooke Court
Victorian day
Team building

Team building

Low ropes

Barn Dance


Chill out time