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Winscombe Primary School

Class 6

Welcome to Year 6


You are now entering the our zone! WELCOME to all!

Summer terms Five and Six


Now we are into our final term at Winscombe we have a great deal to look forward to. Have a look at our new topic web for the term below.


Spring Term

Home learning


Work for Yr6 week beginning 4/1/21 


Maths for two weeks

Please complete in order of the lessons as they build on from the previous session.


Spr.6.1.1 - Lesson 1 Decimals up to 2

.Spr6.1.2 - Understand thousandths Session 2

Spr6.1.3 - Three decimal places - session 3

Spr6.1.4 - Multiply by 10 100 and 1000 - Session 4

Spr6.1.5 - Divide by 10 100 and 1000 - Session 5

If you are doing well with the decimals, here is an extra piece of work for those who would like to do more. It is a target math's sheet. Choose your section
Here is work for children who need differentiated math's tasks.

Writing 4/1/21

Plan and write your own autobiography. Find out about when and where you were born and write the first paragraph about you life until now. Tell the reader more details about your family, your home/village and your education so far.


You could then write a paragraph about a significant  event in your life e.g an exciting day when you were on holiday in the summer or a sporting/art/dance achievement day. Make it as descriptive as you can using figurative language - SPAM - Similes, personification, alliteration and metaphors. Write paragraphs for each section. Remember you can add a rhetorical question to start and don't forget the conclusion with an extra piece of information perhaps questioning where you will be in the future in terms of schooling and employment.


Predict your amazing futures.



Welcome back to school Year 6!

Autumn Term

Full Steam Ahead !


Yes, it is full steam ahead for us this term. 

We are studying Queen Victoria as a monarch and are mainly looking at the key changes in society in Victorian Britain.  We will be concentrating on the plight of the poor through our class novel " Street Child" and looking at the central change of  steam travel. This links fabulously with our connection to the Strawberry Line!

Here are some of out Victorian silhouette art. Do you recognise the pupils?

‘Here we are’ book study

We used the picture book ‘Here we are’ for the first two weeks of term. We really enjoyed using it to help us think about our world and the environment as well as it being a super way to work on PSHE. As you can see, it led us to produce some fantastic art work.

Homework Schedule   

Mondays - Reading records handed in for checking so to gain points

Tuesday - Maths homework return

Wednesday - English homework return

Friday - Spelling test and investigation return




Autumn term's isolating home work