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Winscombe Primary School

Class 6

Welcome to Year 6


You are now entering the our zone! WELCOME to all!

Spring Term

In this new term we will be studying " How we got to modern Britain".We will looking at a child's experiences throughout WW2 and then look how Britian has changed since the end of WW2 to make the country we now live in.


We will also have much to look forward to with our residential camp to Hooke Court later this term! We will be challenging ourselves with so many outdoor adventourous activities! Yipee!!!


Homework Schedule   

Mondays - Reading records handed in for checking so to gain points

Tuesday - Maths and English homework return

Thursday - Spelling test and investigation return




Hooke Court Visit - March 2022- Residential Visit

Look at the fun we had in Dorset! More photos to follow soon...

Day One - Forest Schools - Shelter Building in the woods

Day Two - Adventure Day - Orienteering, low ropes and archery! Plus the Barn Dance!

Day Three - Team building

Home learning 18th February

All work was sent home with the children 17th - already photocopied - maths and reading comprehension. Please work through. If your child was not in yesterday please complete the science lesson below and choose other maths and reading comprehensions which are further down this page.

Number day - we loved working on our maths puzzles

Shadow puppets shows - using our knowledge of light (science) and design and technology skills we created shadow puppets. We then created a scene from “Macbeth” which we were studying in English.We loved performing our plays from the famous play!

Can you spot which part of the play the shadow puppets are performing?

Homework for week beginning 24th January

Instead of spellings for thursday this week we are going to complete a piece of research. 

Please  research 10 facts or more on William Shakespeare. You can record and display them anyway you would like. Be creative!

Bring the completed homework in on Monday 31st January.


Isolating home work

Write a newspaper report  about Jim's escape from the workhouse. Set the page out in columns in the style of a newpapers page. Don't forget the key features:

  • The headline
  • The opening summary - paragraph in bold
  • The main paragraphs informing the reader of the events - past tense
  • Direct speech quotes from eye witnesses- The Matron, Mr Barrack and /or Mr Sissons.
  • Witness views 
  • Picture with caption
  • Concluding statement - including what is happening now.

Maths work

Here is some decimal work we will be starting the week beginning 11/1/22 moving through to the following week. Please complete one per day in order. Look to see which one you may have completed at school. If you have missed some from this week have a go at the first and so on. Enjoy!

Topic work - Please read through the Power point and complete the activities below.

Science work

Cheerleader session - We had fun in our cheerleading session!

Autumn Term

Full Steam Ahead !


Yes, it is full steam ahead for us this term. 

We are studying Queen Victoria as a monarch and are mainly looking at the key changes in society in Victorian Britain.  We will be concentrating on the plight of the poor through our class novel " Street Child" and looking at the central change of  steam travel. This links fabulously with our connection to the Strawberry Line!

Autumn Term - Topic plan

Aardman Animation Visit. We were so lucky in September because Aardman came into school to show us how to model with plasticine. We made Gromit! It was so much fun.

Facts about Queen Victoria 


We were asked to research facts about Queen Victoria for homework. They had to be rather unusual facts. We could represent the facts in any creative way we wished. Some children completed PowerPoints and some recorded drama. Look at some of our fantastic homework below.

P.E - netball - skills and mini games. This is a great way to learn the game of netball. Using our skills in small sided games, will help us to transfer to our larger games.

Remembrance Day Assembly


Like last year we were unable to join the Remembrance Service in St James Community Hall so we wrote and created our own in school. We presented it to Key Stage 2 via zoom and included the two minutes silence.