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Winscombe Primary School

Class 6

Welcome to Year 6


You are now entering the our zone! WELCOME to all!

Spring Term

How did we get here?


This term our theme is "How did we get here? We are looking  at key turning points in British history from WW2 up until the present day. Our fun and exciting learning stems from finding out about different popular dances to how Amnesty International was created.  We will also be visiting the Life Skills Centre in Bristol where we find out how to stay safe in different scenarios.  Please see the topics web below where our curriculum is laid out in further detail.

Spring Term Topic Plan

Homework Schedule  - return


Most of the time we will give the children a week to complete their homework. However, we will shorten the time as the year moves through so they are working towards their next stage in education. It will be shortened to four to three days complete time.


Monday - Reading records handed in for checking for home reads

Tuesday - English Comprehension homework return 

Wednesday - Spelling test and investigation return

Thursday - Maths homework return




Autumn Term

Full Steam Ahead !


Yes, it is full steam ahead for us this term. 

We are studying Queen Victoria as a monarch and are mainly looking at the key changes in society in Victorian Britain.  We will be concentrating on the plight of the poor through our class novel " Street Child" and looking at the central change of  steam travel. This links fabulously with our connection to the Strawberry Line!

Christmas Coffee morning’s Carol Service. We were part of the church gathering. We sang and reading the lessons.

Reading out the Flander’s Fields poem at the Remembrance Day church community coffee morning service.

Celebrating Differences on Odd Socks Day!


Welcome to my class - Info Powerpoint for parents from welcome meetings

Homework for consolidation - if child out and isolating