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Winscombe Primary School

Class 5

Welcome back to Year 5!


This year Miss Perry will be joined by Mrs Griffin and Mrs Horwood. 


On a Wednesday afternoon Mrs Worthy, Mrs Harding and Mrs Mistry will take the class during PPA.


Please come and check back here regularly to see updates on all our learning in class! There will also be links to websites you can use at home to help you, as well as celebrations of reading and information on the curriculum we are covering.


*Please click the 'Important Class Information' star button below to find our class curriculum map and class newsletter for Terms 1 and 2*

Term 1

Space Dance with Mrs Rees from Churchill

Presenting.....Eudora Vane!


Eudora Vane is the villain of our tale. She appears beautiful. She is a fashion icon. She is bossy. She is demanding. She has secrets to share. We are eagerly waiting in class to see what she gets up to next!


See our illustrations and character descriptions below...

History - Timelines


This week you can see there was a hive of activity going on in Year 5! Miss Perry set each group a challenge to create the best timeline of Space events. The children watched a video about the history of Space travel. They were definitely inspired by all the amazing things that have happened! They then had to follow a treasure hunt around the classroom to find the information for each of the dates Miss Perry provided. 


Watch this space for the finished timelines. They are a work in progress! See our photos so far below.



This week we did a lesson on staying safe online. We used a clip from the Dr Seuss book about the Sneetches. The children went outside and we re-enacted the idea of being a star-belly or plain-belly. You can see from their faces they weren’t best pleased when they realised they weren’t in the favourite group who got to play the games! This led to a great conversation about how information and stories can be spread online when people are unhappy. We considered how you could trust what you read online and steps we can take to keep ourselves safe from believing false information.







Negative Numbers

This week we are revising our understanding of negative numbers and we made a human number line in the classroom! We ordered ourselves and discussed how negative numbers look on a number line compared to numbers higher than 0.


Drama and Characterisation


Today in the next chapter of Brightstorm we found out more about Eudora Vane. We think she is going to be someone we need to watch out for in the story!


We practised our drama skills by playing 10 second shapes - we had 10 seconds to get our group into the object or shape Miss Perry called out. Can you spot our cars and sky-ships?!


Then we created freeze frames to replicate the two parts of the story where we have met Eudora Vane so far. I think some of these fantastic facial expressions sum up her character perfectly! As the children said, she is "rude, bossy, obnoxious, selfish." It didn't matter how rare and wonderful the pink dresses were - none were good enough for her! See our slideshow below:

For our next hockey lesson we learned tackling and defence skills. We did a roll out to move away from a defender. We also had a go at scoring some goals in our teams!

Roman Numerals in Maths


Today we started learning Roman Numerals to 1000. We used straws and Miss Perry challenged us to make the number she called out. We were brilliant at it!

We have designed our own sky-ships linked to our class story 'Brightstorm.' We will be using these in our own stories!

Fruit Solar System - We investigated the size and order of the planets in Science this week

Getting ready to fly amazing do our finished origami sky-ships look?!

We will be learning about our British is our display to start off our work. Do you know all the British Values ?

What goals are you growing into this year?

      Music Festival Rehearsal 




We will be participating in a virtual singing festival in November (more details to follow). Last week Mrs Clough who is part of the North Somerset Music Service came in to help us learn the songs. We are busy singing these with Mrs Worthy each week too, and Miss Perry enjoyed singing along as well! I’m pretty sure mums and dads will know some of these.....the theme is Movin’ and Groovin’ ! See if they get you dancing along at home too!



Today we had our first PE session doing hockey with Mrs Horwood...inside as it was pouring with rain!

The Dot

On September 15th we celebrated International Dot Day. This is a world wide celebration of the book The Dot by Peter H Reynolds. You can see it being read here: 




The book encourages children to be proud of their achievements and to value the work they do. We read the book and then watched the inspirational Austin’s Butterfly clip (see it here We then discussed our goals and how we could help each other to achieve them.


We have made a display of our dots which showcases our individuality and imagination. See it below:


We are doing whole school zoom assemblies - fun!


Today we had a super exciting day! We have been awaiting Monday 21st September since we returned to Year 5 - the posters told us an adventure awaited today! We arrived at school today to find a note and a parcel left for us from someone called Harriet Culpepper. She sent us on a treasure hunt to test our team work and left us clues about our journey ahead this term. We discovered feathers, pots of ice, maps, strange paw seems it will certainly be an adventure!


We unwrapped the package to find a copy of our new class book 'Brightstorm.' Go here to find out more about this book and some lovely activities you can do alongside! We will be doing lots in class linked to this book. 


Harriet set us one last challenge - to build our very own sky-ships. These required patience and problem solving, trying out our origami skills too! What a fun, successful day. We still don't quite know who Harriet Culpepper is yet, but we hope with our success today she will let us be a part of her crew! We looked at maps of the Great Wide and can't wait to go on our own sky-ship adventure to explore all the lands we saw.


Take a look at all our photos from today below. 


Here We Are


We have been finishing off our work on the book 'Here We Are.'


We have painted small wood circles linking our recent work on tone. They are so beautiful and turned out brilliantly. 


Keep tuned on here - we are finalising our performances to celebrate the end of this topic, as well as creating some animations and trailers for our own David Attenborough nature style documentary linked to Oceans. We have also written up poems describing our own favourite places in the world and made some posters to promote staying safe and healthy in our current times. We will be putting this together later this week and Miss Perry will post it up here for you too see soon. 



A team activity focusing on class procedures and expectations - read on to see what each group thought was their best answer...

Beginning to work on our 'Here We Are' inspired poems

Practising place value up to 1 million (and making use of our wonderful grounds and weather this week!)

First day of Year 5 A4 paper challenge!

First Day of Year 5 (and their future goals!)

Year 5 are you ready to go out of this world?

Coming Soon...