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Winscombe Primary School

Class 3

Friday Update 5th June 2020

Hello Year 3. Hope you are all staying happy and healthy. Please see our latest Newsletter and Bingo Card for more home learning tasks. It was great to hear all your news on Zoom today. Sorry it finished to abruptly - if you didn't manage to make your 'noise' today, we can hear it next time! Our next session will be on Friday 12th June. More details nearer the time. We are getting more confident every time we 'Zoom' which is great. I enjoy every session and have lots of ideas of fun things we can do together even though we are apart. See you on Friday!




Friday Update 29th May 2020

Hello Year 3. Hope you are all staying happy and healthy. Now half term is over, please see our latest Newsletter and Bingo Card for more home learning tasks. It was great that we managed to play two games of 11s on Zoom. For our next session, on Friday 5th June, we will try to have a 'treasure hunt'. More details nearer the time. Thank you for remembering to stay on mute unless it is your turn to talk. See you on Friday!




Friday Update 15th May 2020

Hello Year 3. Hope you are all staying happy and healthy. Please see our latest Newsletter and Bingo Card for more home learning tasks. It was great seeing you all (and a few pets) on our first Zoom session and hearing your 'Show and Tell'. The next session will be on Friday 22nd May at 11am. Don't forget to show us your dance moves as we log everyone in and please remember to stay on 'mute' until it is your chance to speak. Our challenge is to play a game of 11s whilst on Zoom - can we do it? Yes we can!





Friday Update 8th May 2020

Hello Year 3. Hope you are all staying happy and healthy. Please see our latest Newsletter and Bingo Card for more home learning tasks. For ease of use, I have created new icons to save them all together but you may have to scroll down the page to find the original copies and related links.

As previously stated, all I ask is that you do a little each day in the order I have set it (except for the Maths). For details of our new Maths topic of 'Fractions', just click on the Maths icon above. 

Friday Update 1st May 2020

Hello Year 3. Hope you are all staying happy and healthy. I'm sure your parents are doing a brilliant job at helping you with your home learning. As you can see, I have re-organised the links to your learning into the above groups to make it easier for you to access each activity. Please see our latest Newsletter and Bingo Card for more information.

Newsletter 1.5.20




Friday Update 24th April 2020

Hello Year 3. I hope you are all happy and healthy and enjoying your time at home. 

Please see our Class Newsletter for updates on 'Home Learning'. When you finish the work in your home learning pack, then check out the new 'Bingo Card' and web links for more learning activities. Try and do a little each day but don't forget to keep active, have fun and get out in the garden to enjoy this wonderful weather.

Miss Willows

Newsletter 24.4.20

See our 'Bingo Card' that sets out the next steps for our 'Home Learning'.
Web links to support home learning tasks listed on 'Bingo Card'.
If you are unable to work online to complete the Oak National Academy maths work (above), then you may like to look at the White Rose Maths link below that allows you to print off worksheets instead. If you are unable to print the worksheets then please contact the school office for assistance.
If you are unable to work online to complete the Oak National Academy English work (above), then please find some instructions (to play a game, make a recipe, make a puppet etc) and look at how they are written and laid out. Use these examples to write your own set of instructions on a subject of your choice. It could be how to play your favourite game or how to make something. You could even make up a game and write instructions to tell others how to play your game. Be creative!
Online Safety - Check out the link below to support your child to stay say online.

Welcome to Term 5 - The Rainforest

I hope you had a good Easter break and you are ready to start your next 2 weeks of learning in your home learning pack. Please read our Weekly Newsletter 17.04.20 for some helpful hints as well as looking at the notes to support home learning sent in your home learning pack. 

Weekly Newsletter 17.04.20

Harry Potter Challenge - how are you getting on?

Have you worked out the rule yet? Here are some more clues to help you.


Harry Potter likes beetles but not spiders

Harry Potter likes maggots but not flies

Harry Potter likes bees but not wasps


Harry Potter likes cheetahs but not panthers

Harry Potter likes giraffes but not zebras

Harry Potter likes alligators but not crocodiles


Harry Potter likes waterfalls but not rivers

Harry Potter likes pebbles but not stones

Harry Potter likes hills but not mountains



Easter Holidays!!!!

I know you would have been working very hard on your first 2 weeks of learning but it's now time for your Easter break. 

Please keep up with your TTRS and Oxford Reading Buddy learning but

why not visit a Roman Museum - take a virtual tour of the Roman Museum in Caerleon, near Newport in South Wales- to finish off our topic on 'The Romans'. Just click on the link below.

Why not take a look at 'The Rainforest' ready for when you start your next 2 week learning unit after the Easter holidays. Try a virtual visit to 'The Living Rainforest' and 'The Eden Project' rainforest biome. Just click on the links below.


'Harry Potter' Challenge

How have you been getting on? I wonder if anyone has worked out the rule yet. If you think you know, test your theory on the next set of clues.


Harry Potter likes eggs but not Easter

Harry Potter likes bunnies but not lambs

Harry Potter likes hot-cross-buns but not biscuits


Harry Potter likes summer but not spring

Harry Potter likes blossom but not flowers

Harry Potter likes daffodils but not tulips


Harry Potter likes green but not blue

Harry Potter likes yellow but not red

Harry Potter likes copper but not orange


Harry Potter likes football but not rugby

Harry Potter likes tennis but not badminton

Harry Potter likes referees but not umpires


Harry Potter likes quidditch but not the snitch

Harry Potter likes quaffles but not bludgers

Harry Potter likes broomsticks but not the Nimbus 2000

Easter Class Newsletter

Hello Year 3!


I hope you have settled well into your new learning routine and are all using your time at home wisely! (Don't forget to also play and have fun with your family.)


You should be well into your 'Romans', 'Statistics' and 'Light' work as you are half way through this 2 week unit of work. If you wish, to help you keep on track, you can take a look at the 'Homework Bingo' pdf below and cross off work as you complete it.

I'm sure you're writing in your 'Work Book' regularly to improve your writing stamina - I look forward to seeing all the fabulous work you have all been doing.

Have you logged into our new online 'Oxford Reading Buddy' scheme yet? The letter containing your login details were sent in your 'Home Learning Packs'. While online, don't forget TTRS or Numbots !

Every Friday there will be a Year 3 Newsletter to keep you up to date.

Here is the first one.

Weekly Newsletter 27.03.20

**I thought I would set you a fun challenge to get you and your family thinking!**


The 'Harry Potter' Challenge!


Each week, I will tell you something that Harry Potter likes and dislikes. Your challenge is to figure out why he likes/dislikes each item. Once you have done that you can add some examples yourself into your home learning work book. So, here we go ...


Harry Potter likes apples but not oranges.

Harry Potter likes lettuce but not tomatoes.

Harry Potter likes sweets but not candy.


Any ideas? Have you figured it out yet? 


Harry Potter likes feet but not toes.

Harry Potter likes boots but not shoes.

Harry Potter likes slippers but not socks.


Does that help? Any ideas?


Harry Potter likes running but not jumping.

Harry Potter likes skipping but not dancing.

Harry Potter likes swimming but not diving.




Harry Potter likes sleeping but not dreaming

Harry Potter likes sheets but not duvets

Harry Potter likes pillows but not cushions


Worked it out yet?


Harry Potter likes books but not comics

Harry Potter likes spelling but not writing 

Harry Potter likes addition but not subtraction


More clues/examples next week!



Stay safe and keep smiling!

Miss Willows

Need more home learning activities?


Carol Vorderman has a series of online maths lessons that you can subscribe to for free during the school closure. There are various activities to keep your maths skills going as well as lessons to help with new learning.

Year 3 are classed as 'Lower Key Stage 2'. Fun and interactive - give it a go!

Crickweb - a website with free activities to support a variety of different subjects. Click on Key Stage 2 for list of subjects.

(A world of warning - the adverts for IXL on the home page require subscription so might be best to ignore.)



Hamilton have put together some daily 'Learning at Home' packs for Maths and English for each year group. 

Maths cover basic skills and English have activities based on a story that is provided.  There are also guidance notes and answers for parent/carers. Check out the Year 3 ones to see if they inspire your child - especially with writing activities.

Welcome to Year 3 where...

'Learning Rocks!' in terms 1 and 2

'Romans go on the Rampage' in terms 3 and 4

and we 'Welcome you to the Rainforest'

in terms 5 and 6


Click on the links below to see our Topic Webs

Teacher - Miss Willows

We are lucky to have 2 fabulous support staff helping in Year 3.

Mrs. Bratley - Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings

Mrs. Horwood - Weds afternoon


We also have dedicated volunteers who come in each week who enjoy being read to. 



Year 3 Reminders

Please have your PE kit in school every day! We do find that children are wearing them home from after school clubs and forgetting to bring them back into school. We have PE on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Homework is given on a Thursday and is due in the following Wednesday (unless otherwise stated).

Thank You.

World Book Day. We celebrated World Book Day with the whole school and we shared books with Red Class.