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Winscombe Primary School

Claire Humphrey

I am a Year 2 Class Teacher at Winscombe Primary School. I am a member of the Senior Leadership Team and I also coordinate Computing and have a shared responsibility for English.


How do I impact our schools?


  • In my leadership role I am the line manager for support staff. I have carried out staff appraisals and have been involved in interviewing and appointing support staff. This has impacted the school by ensuring a high calibre of staff and relevant and specific targets are set for LSAs.
  • In my English Coordinator role, I am responsible for phonics and spelling. I have carried out and arranged staff training and supported and monitored the teaching of phonics throughout the school. This role has also led me to work more closely with data and data analysis. I feedback the findings from the analysis to the staff so they make provision for the relevant children.
  • In my role as computing coordinator I have ensured that the staff are up to date with online safety issues and any new develops in computing. My computing action plan links closely with the SGP and I feedback any issues to do with computing or online safety back to the Governing Body.
  • I have taken a key role in the development of the Federation websites.