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Winscombe Primary School

Clair Morris

I am a part-time Deputy Headteacher and Year 4/5 Class Teacher at Sandford Primary School (federated with Winscombe Primary). I have worked there for nearly 10 years and have been Deputy Headteacher under four different Headteachers. I am also a parent of a three year old boy and have a daughter in Year 1 at Sandford. Since September 2013, I have been acting as part-time Headteacher at Sandford.


How do I impact our Schools?


  • In my leadership role, I use my knowledge of assessment and tracking and challenge the data that is regularly presented, in terms of progress of vulnerable groups of children, and the provision in place for stretching the more able children.
  • Working more closely with the school this year, I have had direct involvement with the appraisal process (mainly lesson observations) of UPS staff. This has impacted the school by ensuring a high calibre of staff and relevant and specific targets are set for teachers on the Upper Pay Scale, and that UPS teachers are being given the opportunity to engage with whole school strategic decision making and direction.
  • With experience of achieving an ‘Outstanding’ OFSTED grade at my own school, I have been asked to share best practice with my Winscombe colleagues, including a matrix I designed to show direct links between staff appraisal targets and the whole school development points as set out in the school SSE and SGP. This ensures that staff CPD needs are tailored to not only their personal needs as set out in their appraisal meeting, but that it is all tied to whole school priorities. Further, I have begun a short term support project to assist the school with raising the achievement of writing as part of my role at Sandford and its National Support School status.