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Winscombe Primary School

Celebrating Reading

Performance Poetry


This term we are learning a poem called 'A Smile' for a performance.


We practised using expression by watching Michael Rosen perform a poem. We then practised speaking parts of our poem in lots of different styles of voice...scared, squeaky, high, whispered. We decided our poem needs to be read with a happy voice!


See photos below!

Mrs Simmons sharing a story with us.

Here are some ideas we shared in response to The Invisible.



Library time!

Blue Class visiting our new school library and sharing The Invisible story.

We started the year reading The Invisible by Tom Percival. We explored the themes of belonging and community.



Working at home on reading - a focus on understanding and inference. Have a go at using some of these resources when reading with your child:

Check out these book lists for some lovely new books and ideas of good stories to read: