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Winscombe Primary School

Celebrating Reading

In Year 5 we love reading!

Why not have a look at some of the books recommended below. The book list sub page has books which are recommended to be read independently at Year 5. Why not share them as a family and read them together?


I will add some other lists too - see the link on the main feed below to the website 'Books for Topics' as this has a huge range of choices. There really is a book out there for everyone - so keep searching for one you love!


Keep checking back as I will add more to this list regularly, and I will also share what I am reading too in the 'Miss Perry is reading' sub page!


The main feed below will showcase some of the reading activities we are doing in class, as well as updates on current reading websites and activities, and books I recommend.

Virtual Library for lockdown - go to the Oak National Academy link below to access a different book each week.

I love the website 'Books for Topics' it has so many great recommendations.


Why not check out the two lists I have linked below and see if any books take your fancy?

Miss Perry recommends...Children of Icarus

I really enjoyed reading this book and the sequel (Children of Daedala) too. And I know children I have taught before have loved it too...there were lots of 'ahhhhs' and 'ohhhs' as exciting things unfolded or events which we didn't expect occured. The whole story line makes you question the world and wonder how you would react if ever a world like this were to exist. Be warned of cliff hanger endings making you wish the story could continue!


Beware - this book is not for the faint-hearted! It is full of amazing twists that make you wonder what will happen next. With a labyrinth full of beasts and strange characters, who all clearly have secrets they are hiding. There are fight scenes, gory descriptions and a journey of adventure which turns out to be a true fight for survival. 


If you really want to challenge yourself, this is a great book to read! But it is a young teenage book so get mum and dad to check it out first before you read it on your own. 


I will post some reviews below and a link to the author's website.

Christmas Recommended Reading Lists!

Guided Reading


We have started guided reading and for the next few weeks we will be using this book (see photos below!) - it is called 'Armstrong: the adventurous journey of a mouse to the Moon." It has some stunning art work too. We focused this week on making predictions. See the attached poster we used to check how we could make a prediction about a story - why not focus on this in your own home reading this week when discussing the books you are reading?


We also looked at the 'Predicting Pip' poster - have a look at all the reading skills posters attached. We will be working on these throughout the year.


Take a look at the question prompts to help guide your questioning and discussion.

Year 5 Book Tasting Cafe & the grand opening of our class library!

How often should I change my book in Year 5?


We are really excited to have lots of brand new books to read! There are different colour bands too so please see the reading letter sent home for information explaining this.


All children will have 2 books - 1 from the coloured band box, as well as another of their choice (which is suitable for their colour band).


At this level these books should take at least a week to read - probably more.

It is really important the children read aloud and discuss what they are reading 

- Can they read fluently and with appropriate pace?

- Can they use expression to make the text 'come alive'?

- Can they notice if they have made a mistake and self-correct?

- Can they find the meaning of unknown words?

- Can they discuss what they have read with you? Can they understand the text, explain what they have read and discuss in detail aspects of plot, character, facts or opinions?


While it is brilliant that the children will probably be reading more independently for pleasure, it is important that their school reading books are discussed alongside an adult to aid and improve their understanding.


 Keep on reading - I can't wait to hear about all the fantastic books you discover!