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Winscombe Primary School


Welcome to Blue Class!

Where we ' Care - Thrive - Learn ' together. 


Teacher - Mrs Perry

HLTA - Mrs Mistry

LSA -  Mrs Simmons

1:1 Support LSA - Miss Constandinidou


Please come and check back here regularly to see updates on all our learning in class! There will also be links to websites you can use at home to help you, as well as celebrations of reading and information on the curriculum we are covering.



Term 4

Term 3

In Maths we have been revisiting how to find equal groups. We have used this to complete repeated addition calculations and are now moving on to arrays.

English - we played a game to practise making a list, ready to use commas when writing lists.

This term we will be reading and writing Traditional Tales. We had a read of some and explored the common features.

Do you have a Growth Mindset?


To start the term we did some learning about having a Growth Mindset. We learnt about how it is important to keep trying and not give up! We worked with a partner on a challenge to say the numbers 1 2 3 4. Each time it got harder and you had to do it in a different way, or add an action, or miss out a number. We struggled at first each time but then got better the more we practised! We have lots of growth mindsets in Blue class!

Term 2

Merry Christmas from Blue Class!

Having fun on our last day of term before Christmas!

Enjoying lunch on the Top Table! We were chosen by the dinner ladies for being polite and kind at lunch.

Christmas Lunch

When Santa came to visit!

We hope you like your Christmas card we made!

Christmas Jumper Day

For Christmas, KS1 read The Nutcracker. We made sugar mice, vintage baubles and looked at some Victorian Christmas parlour games and costumes.

Exploring the new Chromebooks and Purple Mash

We loved performing in our Nativity!

In Science we have been exploring materials. We investigated how John McAdam discovered a new way of making strong roads. We created the best chocolate road!

Prize Time!

Children in Need Day

Fire Service Visit to learn about fire safety for our Great Fire of London topic

Making Great Fire of London style houses

Odd Socks Day


Today we started Anti-bullying week by wearing our odd socks to school. We had an assembly all about the message from the campaign this year, encouraging us to 'REACH OUT' if we see or experience something that makes us worried or upset.



Term 1

Great Fire of London WOW day!


This week we had our wow day, learning all about The Great Fire of London in 1666.


We spent the morning making candlesticks, scent bags and doing some weaving. 


In the afternoon we had a visit from Jethro, who had time travelled from 1666! He told us all about the fire and we acted out the events. 


We also did a bucket challenge in teams, trying to pass the water the quickest to stop the fire.


Thank you to our Blue class baker who made us a delicious treat!



This term we are learning all about...


The Great Fire of London.


Kindness Tree


Every Friday we nominate people in our class for the Kindness Tree.


We pick someone who we have noticed being kind throughout the week. We share our person and the reasons for nominating them. It is completely optional and you only nominate someone if you remember why they have been kind!





'Stick it together' class rules challenge.


We worked with our group - see photos below. Each person had 1 sticky note. They had to write a response to the word listed on their paper. For example: friendship / classroom / rules.


Each person wrote what they thought this should look like in our class. They then shared their answers together and wrote their 'best combined' answer in the box in the middle of the sheet.


This formed the basis of our class rules which we now have on our wall. We all signed to say we agree with them and will try our best to follow them.


Crossing the river challenge.....we helped each other cross without stepping out of the course. We had a race to see which team could do it the fastest! We also helped our partner across...whilst they had their eyes closed! This linked to our work on The Invisible book, working on community and building friendships.



On our first day we played a game called 'Strike it out.' 

You can play it here: This link includes a video of how to play the game!


Have a look at an example below:



Have a go at home! 


Below are photos of us playing it with our friends in class.

Mark Making and exploring our classroom

Welcome...Blue Class 2022-23!

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5

Term 6