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Winscombe Primary School


Welcome to Blue Class!

Where we ' Care - Thrive - Learn ' together. 


Teacher - Mrs Perry

HLTA - Mrs Mistry

LSA -  Mrs Simmons

1:1 Support LSA - Miss Constandinidou


Please come and check back here regularly to see updates on all our learning in class! There will also be links to websites you can use at home to help you, as well as celebrations of reading and information on the curriculum we are covering.



Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5

Term 6

Welcome Back!


Please scroll below to see photos of our new classroom! I have been working hard to make lots of exciting changes. 


Can you spot:

  • An Art resources area?
  • A mindfulness table where you can go to chill out?
  • A book corner (ready for a grand opening!)?
  • Lots of boxes full of maths resources, English games, lego, knex and other things you can use to help you with your learning?
  • A carpet area for us to sit and discuss things?
  • Your coat pegs and drawers?
  • Tables for you to sit and work at?
  • A surprise in the carrier bag by the white board - any guesses what it is?!


I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow and beginning our exciting Year 2 journey smiley