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Winscombe Primary School


Welcome to Blue Class!

Where we ' Care - Thrive - Learn ' together. 


Teacher - Miss Perry

LSA - Mrs Henry 

We will also be joined by Mrs Orme and Miss Friend.


Please come and check back here regularly to see updates on all our learning in class! There will also be links to websites you can use at home to help you, as well as celebrations of reading and information on the curriculum we are covering.



Term 1

The Great Fire of London


This week we have been finding out the timeline for The Great Fire of London. In groups we ordered the events and saw how the people of London tried to fight the fire as it spread. We will be creating our own timelines in our books.


We also worked in groups to put a puzzle together - the picture at the end was of Samuel Pepys. Today we wrote fact files all about him - he is famous for writing a diary during The Great Fire of London. It is one of the only pieces of surviving evidence which helps us to learn what it was really like during that time. We found it funny that he decided to bury his wine and cheese in order to save them - what would you choose to save?! Maybe Samuel Pepys had the right idea!!

The Paper Bag Princess


We are currently learning the story of The Paper Bag Princess ready to write our own versions in the next few weeks.


Take a look at the photos below of us acting out the story as Miss Perry read it to us. Can you spot in each group of 3 who is the dragon, Prince Ronald and Princess Elizabeth?


Blue Class Colour Wheels


Last week in Art we learned about the colour wheel. We looked at how colours next to each other go well together. We also saw how using colours opposite each other on the colour wheel can be really effective too. We used wax crayons to create mark making and then painted our colour wheels using brusho. This created a really effective wax resist on our finished pieces. Take a look below! Do you like our class display?



We're All Wonders - Our new class display shows the mark making work we did when we read this book during the first 2 weeks of term. We loved finding out about Auggie and how brave and wonderful he is.

Our Blue Class Kindness Tree is ready to begin decorating each Friday. What kind things have you noticed people in Blue Class doing?

'Being Me in my World'

This term our Jigsaw PSHE theme is all about celebrating ourselves and others. In our class assembly this week we used shaving foam to show how unkind words and actions can't be put back, just like the shaving foam. We came up with ideas of kind words and actions we could use that would make people around us feel good.

We did these self portraits on our move up day from Year 1 - see 'Draw with Rob' on youtube for more tutorials and ideas to have a go at! They look lovely hanging up in our classroom!

National Fitness Day - we completed 60 second challenges throughout the day, and Max showed us his brilliant push ups! We all had a go!


In maths this week we have been revising numbers to 20. We have counted forwards and backwards. We have looked closely at 'teen' numbers (11-19) and discussed these. We ordered our numbers to 20. We have made 2 digit numbers (mainly teen numbers) using tens and ones as shown below. If you want to keep practising this at home that would be great!


Something is hiding in Blue out!

Blue Class Violin Lessons!

International Dot Day!

What a fun and exciting day! We did dot exploration activities this morning (making patterns and using our fine motor control skills among other fun things!).

Then we read 'The Dot' and listened to the Dot song. 

We did a maths game using dots.

This afternoon we made our own creative dots - they are amazing! See our photos below. (Miss Perry wants you to know that we followed her instructions but every child in the class did their designs completely on their own! Wow!) Great effort Blue class.

Aardman Animations Wow Day!


We all had a great time making our Shaun the Sheep figure!

Roald Dahl Day



Today in Blue Class we celebrated Roald Dahl Day. We read the book ' Never Grow Up' and then acted out what we wanted to be when we are older.


Can you guess? Lots of our photos were blurry because we were moving around so sorry if you missed us! Most of us had a go and it was lots of fun. Ask us to show you at home.



We watched this clip from Matilda the Musical, which features the popular song 'When I grow up.'

Matilda the Musical Medley


We also used some brilliant adjectives to describe the Twits. Preposterous and disrespectful were two of the ones the children came up with - WOW!

Acting out our future dream jobs for Aspirations Week and Roald Dahl Day, linking to the text 'Never Grow Up.'

Blue Class Book Cafe


Miss Perry set up a surprise at lunch for us - and we got to open our library area! It was very exciting. Miss Perry set up a cafe for us. We had Parisian cafe music in the background! We got to unveil our library area - see our willing helpers. Then Mabel showed us how to use a book properly, how to hold it, how to read - no 'pretend reading' allowed here! We then filled in a book cover sheet, drew on our paper plate graffiti sheets and browsed ('tasted') lots of different books...sadly we weren't actually 'tasting' the books even though it was called a Book Tasting event! It was lots of fun.


Investigating with different puzzles. Making pictures using only straight lines. Trying a 'matchstick' puzzle, trying to turn the fish around!

Our first PE lesson with our new coach, Mr Bayliss. We had great fun!

We have had a great first day in Blue Class!


We read the books 'First Day Jitters' and 'Conker the Chameleon.' The book discusses different emotions you can experience. We had a go at identifying different emotions by looking at different facial expressions and then pulling some of our own - can you guess how we feel?! We then had ALOT of fun making our own you may have seen!!

Our first day...

Welcome Back!


Please scroll below to see photos of our new classroom! I have been working hard to make lots of exciting changes. 


Can you spot:

  • An Art resources area?
  • A mindfulness table where you can go to chill out?
  • A book corner (ready for a grand opening!)?
  • Lots of boxes full of maths resources, English games, lego, knex and other things you can use to help you with your learning?
  • A carpet area for us to sit and discuss things?
  • Your coat pegs and drawers?
  • Tables for you to sit and work at?
  • A surprise in the carrier bag by the white board - any guesses what it is?!


I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow and beginning our exciting Year 2 journey smiley