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Winscombe Primary School


Welcome to Blue Class!

Where we ' Care - Thrive - Learn ' together. 


Teacher - Mrs Perry

LSA - Miss Constandinidou & Mrs Mistry

Mrs Henry is back too!


We will also be joined by Mrs Orme and Miss Friend.


Please come and check back here regularly to see updates on all our learning in class! There will also be links to websites you can use at home to help you, as well as celebrations of reading and information on the curriculum we are covering.



Term 5

In PE we are doing tri-golf

In Geography we are learning about position and direction. We learnt the four directions on a compass and followed the directions on the cones to discover hidden items from our classroom.

We have started this term by finishing our learning about plants. We checked we understood some Scientific vocabulary and then planted our own beans.

Term 4

Finishing Term 4 in our pyjamas and celebrating all things reading!


We began our work on Jack and the Beanstalk by making freeze frames of parts of the story.

PE in the sunshine at last! We practised our throwing and catching skills.

Learning about fractions is easier with our friends to help us...

It's sentence surgery time in Blue class! We cut up the words to make contractions. We practised using an apostrophe.

It's all about fractions this week! We began by exploring how to find one half.

Happy Red Nose Day!




We have had a brilliant day in Blue class. Scroll down to see all the lovely things we have been getting up to.


We saw all the homes children had made and shared ours in class.


We were given a choice this afternoon to choose our own activity - we decided to either stay in class and create a lego home for our red nose, or go outside and use natural materials. We worked in teams of our choice and had so much fun. Look at our fantastic results!


Finally, we did the Red Nose Day quiz, including a wordsearch, spot the difference and anagram challenge.

Looking at the habitats the school has made...trying to decide which ones we liked the best! They were all amazing!

The school council chose these as our Blue Class 'highly commended' and Oli as our winner!

Sharing the Red Nose Homes we made with the class...

Making lego homes and nature homes for our red noses...what brilliant creativity and teamwork!

Some of us chose to perform our finished poems for the 'Light Poetry' competition to the class.

Mystery Readers

A big thank you to our mystery readers this month, who are helping us to celebrate Book Week and build a love of reading! For photos, go to our 'celebrating reading' section on our class page. 






Today is St Patrick's Day! We had a special crew afternoon in KS1 to celebrate this. We found out about why we celebrate St Patrick's Day and how it is celebrated around the world. We also looked at some pictures and landmarks in Northern Ireland. We located it on a map and wrote some facts. Finally, we made a leprechaun mask and did some Irish dancing!




In maths we have been exploring 3d shapes. We did this challenge. Can you find a way to solve it?


We also practised finding and counting faces, edges and vertices of 3d shapes.

It's Blue class prize time! We linked it to our reading month and did a Teddy Bear's picnic. We shared some books and then watched a little bit of a film too.



Today we celebrated World Book Day!

See our photos below - can you guess who we are? Keep an eye out for some fun group shots and the teachers too!


Scroll down to see all the lovely things we have got up to...

World Book Day celebrations...


In class we did a book discussion using talk partners. We then did some drama, creating statues of our characters. When Mrs Perry touched our shoulder, we had to explain why we had chosen our particular stance and what that showed about our characters personalities. We also did a scavenger hunt in teams, using our class library and school library. We worked really hard to find certain things in the different books, such as a frog, a happy ending and something funny.


Watch out - we had The Chokey in our classroom!




We have begun reading this lovely book and doing some art work for a class display:




We will be continuing to do activities using this book throughout the month.

We had a whole school assembly to celebrate and show off our brilliant costumes!

We listened to an audiobook too. These are also on the World Book Day website!

We began our Book Month celebrations by watching an author read his book - these are available on the World Book Day website

What a treat this afternoon - Year 6 came down and did reading buddies with us! And they even made us each a special World Book Day hat to wear! Thanks Year 6, we loved it!

In maths we have been learning about 2d shapes and we have been sorting them using different criteria.

In PE this term with Mrs Perry we will be improving our throwing and catching skills.

Violins have started again for the term and we will now be doing this on Wednesdays.

We also celebrated pancake day across KS1 by having a pancake race with our crews!



On March 1st we celebrated St David's Day and found out about all things Welsh! We learnt some welsh phrases and counted to 10. We also worked in our crews with Yellow Class and did some craft activities. Mrs Perry made us all welsh cakes and we tried them too!

Blue Class Pizza Day!




We have been learning about healthy eating and eating a balanced diet. To celebrate our learning we designed and made our own pizzas using our own homemade dough and a range of toppings.



Term 3

As part of Mental Health Week we did some yoga to relax!



We finished our gymnastics unit with a showcase of different partner work. We showed a variety of rolls, travelling movements, jumps and balances.  We worked on these last week using mats and floor exercises. This week we moved them on to the apparatus. We came up with some really creative ideas. Some us used partners to help us, others created really effective 'mirror images' of each other. Super work! Here are some photos of children who chose to show their work to the class.

We had a craft afternoon to celebrate Valentine's Day

More violin practise today! I will get photos of our other group next week! Everyone is doing really well!


In Science we are currently learning all about healthy eating. We have been designing our own healthy pizzas and will be making them next week!


Arabella brought in some vegetables she has grown to show us!



This week we celebrated football week and children's mental health week!


We played football in PE, practising our dribbling skills with a few different activities in small groups. We then played 5 a side matches - all the children got involved, managing their own games and scores. They did brilliantly! They are all growing up so much! Well done Blue Class! Mrs Perry was having so much fun she forgot to take photos!!


Today we have been discussing things which are good for our mental health. We did a mindfulness colouring and celebrated others success by watching some of the Winter Olympics. It is really inspiring us! We also did some yoga and 1 minute fitness exercises. Next week we are going to share our own 1 minute exercises with each other.


Finally we read this lovely book:

Practising our coding skills with a few different apps!

Our work on Florence Nightingale...



Today was Number Day! We have had fun doing lots of activities linked to number all throughout the day. We started with an 'Eye Spy' game, writing number sentences about a busy beach scene picture. We spotted 3 kites, 4 crabs, 1 bird flying one way and 1 bird flying the other way...and so on!


We then played a game inspired by the Numbots characters. See our photos below. We really enjoyed doing the different activities across the game mat to reach the end.


We did the teacups challenge - see below. Can you find the answer? 


Finally this afternoon we did a maths quiz in teams. We then worked in partners to complete 'Buddy's Key Challenge.' We had to answer the questions. If we got it right, we could find a piece of the hidden key puzzle around the room to complete the key picture on the board. We managed it!


Well done everyone for a fun day!

Caught in the moment! I snapped this lovely photo of the girls sharing their stories on Little Red Riding Hood. We have worked so hard on these! We will be putting them up on display very soon!

More gymnastics in PE - we worked on learning some different types of rolls, jumps and travelling moves. We then put these ideas together into a sequence. We are going to use these ideas soon on the apparatus.

Enjoying music with Mrs Worthy

We are writing our stories of Little Red Riding Hood. Today we wrote the beginning. Lots of us stood up and read our writing to the class. We were so proud of our brilliant work and we all tried really hard!

In maths we are beginning to learn about division. Today we practised sharing into equal groups. We then looked at how this is written as a division calculation and we solved a problem using our learning. See if you can work it out below!

More gymnastics for PE - being brave and using our balancing, travelling and jumping techniques on the large apparatus!

In Science we are learning about being healthy. We have been learning about different food groups and eating a balanced diet.

In our PSHE today we shared challenges that we have been learning over the past 2 weeks - the girls learnt to count in French and they performed to the class. We also had someone count in Chinese, a few dancers and people did a craft challenge.

Our next groups of children doing violin started today! I will get photos of our other group next week. Well done everyone.

Wow! Look at this fantastic explanation - we are really improving how we explain our understanding in maths. Super effort!

PE - We had a go at using the apparatus for gymnastics. Our aim was to increase our confidence when using this and to think about our landings - are they safe? Are they controlled? We had great fun and we all behaved brilliantly. Well done Year 2!

Coding - we are learning about algorithms and today we had a go at using beebots to give a set of instructions to a robot/computer.

Coming soon to Year 2...



We also started our new Jigsaw topic of 'Dreams and Goals.' We were successful at challenging ourselves to pass around the treasure box silently even though it had lots of  noisy items in. We felt proud when we achieved this success! We then went on to write about things we have been successful at and why. The children shared some lovely ideas.


Darcy wrote "I was successful at going on the Tower of Terror at Disneyland Paris. I felt happy because it was something I hadn't done before."



We began looking at Traditional Tales in English. We guessed the traditional tales from the objects and then explored lots of books to find common features. We agreed on similar opening phrases, specific characters and settings.



More work today on finding and explaining equal groups.

We practised saying the sentence stem:


I have ___ groups.

I have ___ in each group.


Can you say this at home using groups of different objects? For example:

I have 3 groups of pasta shapes. I have 2 pieces of pasta in each group.

Today we got to experience Cheerleading! Great fun!

Maths - this week we have started multiplication. We have been finding equal groups. We have then moved on to adding the equal groups to find the total. Today we showed our equal groups as arrays.

Term 2

More Christmas craft and Christmas themed maths today!

This is our Kindness Tree - we update it every Friday. Every person in the class can choose to nominate someone else in the class or across KS1, who has done something kind that week. Have you been spotted doing something kind?! We love sharing these and it all makes us smile! Let's see how full our tree can get next term.

Look at us working hard doing some Christmas will see the results soon!

We had a visit from Santa!

Christmas Jumper Day and Christmas lunch - we had a great time!

Maths - we have been learning to recognise different coins and notes.

Prize time in Blue Class!

Blue Class Christmas Disco!


It was lots of fun! We wore our disco clothes, played games and danced, did a conga...and even a boys/girls dance off!!!!

Science - investigating if a material absorbs a liquid or not. Good fun!

We filmed our Nativity! Blue Class present...A Little Bird Told Me

We are starting to write instructions - today we had a go at a challenge, instructing our partner to build a fire bucket out of playdough!

We have been doing some weaving.....we did amazing! We can't tell you's a surprise :D You will find out soon!

We are working really hard on improving our comprehension at the moment - we read a text about The Great Fire of London and wrote down some of our answers and ideas. Great effort!

No Pens Day!


Today we did all our learning without using any pens or pencils!


We did a miming challenge this morning for our friends to guess.


We also looked at 'perfectly timed' photos to create an interesting class discussion - we saw lightning striking the Statue of Liberty, a plane flying behind a statue so that it looked as if the statue was holding the plane, and a photo of someone floating next to a HUGE whale!


We did a great challenge in maths called 'Skeleton Shapes' and all of us showed so much resilience. Have a go at the same challenge at home if you like:


This afternoon, we did a STEM Paper Tower challenge - we had 10 minutes to make the tallest tower we could. We got extra points if it could balance a toy car! Well done to the two groups of girls who won - their towers were over 20cm, stood independently without support, and one tower did hold up the car!


We played a guess who game about the Great Fire of London too.


Finally, we shared our No Pens Day homework. We looked at the photos people have sent in and videos, and then played with the marble runs some of us had brought in. We also shared our favourite books.


What a fab day in Blue Class!

Great Fire of London Wow Day!

Today we had lots of fun!

We dressed up as people from the times of the Great Fire of London.

We met Jethro, who worked for Samuel Pepys. He taught us lots of facts about the Great Fire of London.

We all had a go getting up and acting out parts of the story.

We then played a Great Fire of London board game, did a fact scavenger hunt, made playdough art linked to the Great Fire and did some mirror art drawing the flames.

We have also had a go baking bread using a 17th Century recipe.

We did a Great Fire of London quiz and answered discussion questions, such as: Could the fire have been prevented?

Finally we did the bucket challenge! We helped our team to pass a bucket of water along and then threw it over the imaginary fire at the end. This is exactly how the people at the time tried to stop the fire. We agreed it was not a very successful way to stop it!

Look at all our photos below...

Looking the part:

Baking bread using a 17th Century recipe

Well done to everyone who has achieved their 25 (and some 50 as well!) reading certificates so far this year. This is a brilliant achievement! I know some more are due soon!

We earned 22 minutes of special prize time today for our reading at home. We had free time to explore the apps on the ipads. Great fun!

Children in Need! We wore our spotty clothes, did a Joe Wicks workout made especially for today, and did some colouring and activities. Can you see we stood in a 'P' for Pudsey?!

Writing Information Texts


Look at how hard we have been working in English this week! We have been exploring information texts and will be writing our own non-fiction books about The Great Fire of London. 


We have found out what the key features in a non-fiction text are. We organised ideas for our text using the three titles:

1. What happened during The Great Fire of London?

2. How did the fire stop?

3. What happened after the fire?


We then put an example page together in groups - see all our photos below! We made sure we had put all the features, like the title and caption, in the right place. We labelled each feature too. We then used the same layout to do our own page, working in our small groups, for the title 'How did the fire stop?'


Later this week we will be writing our own page for 'What happened after the fire?' and creating our own books with a contents and glossary.


You will be able to see our finished books soon!

Maths today - we used manipulatives (base 10) and a place value chart to help us add and subtract multiples of 10. Can you work out 54 + 30?

Odd Socks Day - kicking off our Anti-Bullying Week and promoting the theme 'One Kind Word.' We watched the video of Andy and the Odd Socks and had a dance in our odd socks too!

We made Tudor houses for our classroom coming soon when it's finished!

We did a rugby taster session today...cheerleading coming soon!

Remembrance Day


Today we had a minutes silence for Remembrance Day. In class we had a really good discussion about it and looked at photos linked to the day. The children had some really interesting things to say. We made poppies too.


In maths this week we have been learning the number bonds to 100, using multiples of 10. Look at the photos below to see us working hard.


We used a tens frame to see links between our number bonds to 10 and to 100. We saw that:




3 + 7 = 10 


30 + 70 = 100


We played a game making towers of the number bonds to 100, using our tens frames to help us.


As a challenge we had a go at this problem below - have a go at home! There are multiple ways to do it!




If you want an extra challenge - why not try this one?



Celebrating Bonfire Night!

Today we found out about Bonfire Night and listened to the story of Guy Fawkes. We wrote our own Bonfire Night themed poems with a number theme (for example....5 swirling sparklers twirling all around), we wrote facts about the Guy Fawkes story. We also did these lovely firework inspired pictures. We worked brilliantly, helping each other and trying our best. Well done Blue class!