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Winscombe Primary School


Zoom Lesson

Children’s Mental Health Week (1st – 7th February) 

Whole School Project to mark Mental Health Week.  

Express yourself! Art Project 

Self-expression is all about communicating your individuality. It is a great way to relieve stress and free your mind. We would like each child to draw, colour, paint or collage who you look like on the outer-self side of the face (left hand side). Then draw, colour, paint or collage your hobbies, emotions, thoughts and feelings on the inner-self side (the right hand side). See the example below. We would like to display all portraits in the hall as an art installation called together as one. Please complete your project and hand it into the school office by Monday 22nd February.  


Express Yourself

Express yourself and live through your imagination! Being creative helps us see things differently, better deal with uncertainty, and become stronger problem...

Some music whilst you create...

Place2Be single by Billy Ocean and The Young Voices Choir