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Winscombe Primary School

Class 6

Welcome to Class 6


You are now entering the Year 6 Zone! WELCOME to all!

YEAR 6 Essentials

Homework timetable

In Yr. 6 homework is given out on different days of the week.  Look at the timetable for the day each homework should be given in.

SATs information letter sent to parents

Summer Term

Sadly this is our final term at Winscombe yet we have much to look forward to.


  • We are studying the ancient civilisation of the Maya and hope to discover many of their mysteries through creative art and design activities.
  • We have our SATs week where we can't wait to show our progress and learning.
  • To celebrate and say well done for our hard work we are going to London  to visit the Houses of Parliament and see the West End show "Matilda".
  • We are then going to act, sing and dance in our Key Stage Production and run, jump and throw in our last Sports day.
  • Finally we will be putting together our leavers assembly to say thank you and to celebrate our time here at Winscombe.


Phew!! A truly busy but fun last term!




Chocolate Workshop

On Monday 22nd May Year 6 were extreme lucky to take part in a chocolate workshop.  Mrs Clark from The Chocolate Tart told us all about the history of chocolate as well as teaching us to make Knackali (round discs of chocolate). We found out this linked closely to our topic as the origins of chocolate comes from the tropics. We had great fun making the chocolates and we even got to lick the spoon after we had finished making our treats!

Chocolate Workshop

Chocolate Workshop 1
Chocolate Workshop 2
Chocolate Workshop 3
Chocolate Workshop 4
Chocolate Workshop 5
Chocolate Workshop 6
Chocolate Workshop 7
Chocolate Workshop 8
Chocolate Workshop 9

Walk 4 Wildlife

On Friday 19th May the whole school took part in a sponsored walk which was organised by Year 6.  We measured the field and set out the route so we would walk 1Km. We drew maps for the school to follow.  We also devised and  completed a presentation to each class to ensure they followed the correct route and understood the rules.  Luckily it was a lovely, sunny day and the whole school had great fun walking together and raising money for the Rainforest Trust. We also hope to be part of a Guinness World Record attempt of a mass sponsored walk!



Walk 4 Wildlife

Walk 4 Wildlife 1
Walk 4 Wildlife 2
Walk 4 Wildlife 3
Walk 4 Wildlife 4
Walk 4 Wildlife 5
Walk 4 Wildlife 6
Walk 4 Wildlife 7
Walk 4 Wildlife 8
Walk 4 Wildlife 9

Painting for our Mayan temple display.

Painting for our Mayan temple display. 1

Spring Term

In the spring term we are studying "Body and Mind" BAM! 



Hula Hoop workshop


We were lucky to take part in a hulla hoop workshop on Friday 31st March.  We were taught lots of skills including how to move our hips, keep the hoop spinning and different tricks.  We really enjoyed this and had lots of fun.

Hula Hoop Workshop

Hula Hoop Workshop 1
Hula Hoop Workshop 2
Hula Hoop Workshop 3
Hula Hoop Workshop 4

Hockey workshop

We have been lucky enough to have had a hockey workshop with Mr Mason from Churchill academy. We learnt different hockey skills and has a great deal of fun! Look at the pictures below

Hockey workshop

Hockey workshop  1
Hockey workshop  2
Hockey workshop  3

Pablo Picasso Portraits


We have completed an art study of Pablo Picasso looking at how he used line and colour in his portraits.   We took photographs of ourselves, cut them up and  rearranged them to create our own Pablo style of portraits using mark making skills.   Our first design used black photos and black pen.  Look at our fantastic portraits!

Pablo Picasso Portraits

Pablo Picasso Portraits 1
We then used a mixture of media to create a colour portrait in our style.  Can you guess who it is?

Pablo Picasso Portraits

Pablo Picasso Portraits 1
Pablo Picasso Portraits 2
Pablo Picasso Portraits 3
Pablo Picasso Portraits 4


Life Skills and Bristol Museum


We have already been lucky enough to travel to Bristol and visit Life Skills and the Bristol museum. At Life Skills we learnt a great deal about keeping safe. At the Bristol Museum we studied different art styles and visited each art gallery.

Life Skills report

Bristol Museum report

Autumn Term

We had an exciting time in our first term as Year 6. We were lucky enough to have our residential camp at Hooke Court in Dorset where we completed fantastic activities. We stayed for 4 nights and had a lot of fun! Please take a look at our photos of our great adventures.


When we returned from camp, we were very busy with our topic " Full Steam Ahead" working hard on all our studies. We learnt more about Victorian Britain, particularly finding out about Isambard Brunel and his achievements and legacy. Plus what it would have been like to have been a child in Victorian times.


We also took part in the St James' Remembrance Service on Friday 11th November. We read out the poem   "In Flanders fields" by John McCrae.



Here are some examples of our history research

Hooke Court Photos - Look at us we are team building!

Making shelters in the woods! What fun!

We learnt skills to bridge the moat so to carry medical supplies across quickly and safely!

We got very wet kayaking,

We had a great time at our Victorian day which started off our topic for this term.