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Winscombe Primary School

Class 5

Welcome to Year 5!


Our class teacher is Miss Perry.


We have lots of helpers in our class. Our brilliant teaching assistants are Mrs Worthy, Mrs Griffin, Mrs Mclean and Mrs Fletcher.


We also have lots of help from parents and extended family members too...a huge thank you to Mr Cheetah and Mrs Townsend who come and hear us read every week. Mrs Taylor is always in every week, she has the fun job of getting messy helping us with our art projects!



Things you need to know!


Every day you need to remember to bring to school:


  • Book bag with reading record
  • PE kit
  • Water bottle
  • Lunch


We have PE on a Wednesday and a Thursday. However we do have visits from Mr Mason at other times and sometimes we need to adjust our timetable, so make sure your PE kit it always in school!


Homework is given out throughout the week.

Monday: Maths (due in on Friday)

Thursday: Spellings

Friday: English (due in on Tuesday)

At times this may be changed to a piece of Topic work.


Term 5 and 6

Welcome to the newest members of class 5.....the EELS!


We are looking after approximately 70 baby eels (elvers) for 5 weeks. They are critically endangered and we will be feeding and cleaning them until they are big enough to be re-released back into the wild, at Blagdon Lakes. 







This term Year 5 went to Osprey Camp. We had a brilliant time...and it didn't rain! We were joined by children from Kewstoke Primary and we all got on, made new friends, and had great fun. 



We are practising hard for the Kwik Cricket festival next week and have had extra training from Mr Mason. Our class are entering a team so keep your fingers crossed for us!



We have been spending lots of time trying to improve our growth mindset and attitudes towards our learning. We are trying in improve our resilience, so we don't give up when a task is hard.

We tried hard to solve a paper cutting challenge - did the children challenge you at home too?! We then worked in teams to move the cups, without touching them!



We have started our new Science topic on Evolution. We began by researching fossils and then tried to excavate some chocolate chip cookies using tooth picks! Being an Archaeologist is hard work!


Term 3 and 4




We have had the best day today celebrating all things Greek! Well done to everyone who made such a fantastic effort with their costumes! We painted Greek style vases, staged a Greek feast and looked at how Greek buildings were constructed. A special well done to the adults who were brave enough to see if the children's architecture was strong was! The children spent the day yesterday researching chosen topics and constructing presentation boards to display their information. They then presented this to their parents at the end of the day today and were even brave enough to present it to other adults who were in the classroom as well. They were very professional and informative, well done! 

Meet....Adronicus Alexus!


We had a visit from an ancient Greek! He taught us about warrior life in Greece. We learnt how to do a strong battle formation, like the one used at the Battle of Marathon. We also chanted a battle song. We even got to touch and hold some of the weapons!



Hula Hooping in Class 5!


We all got to take part in a half hour hula hooping session. It was great fun and some of us (....boys....) liked it a lot more than we had thought!!!!!!! Some of us were fantastic!!!!


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Picture 14

Happy Red Nose Day from us!



Carducci String Quartet.

We visited Churchill to see these amazing musicians. They demonstrated lots of novel ways to play their instruments and got us involved too. Great fun!



We did our 6 week block of swimming....and had fun to finish! A special well done to Rose for showing such amazing progress!!




Mr Sapsford, a local tree warden, came to teach us about buds in the local area. He will be coming in again later this term to spend more time with us.






Mr Mason comes to visit...he taught us some hockey skills. We love doing PE with him!


World Book Day


We had great fun dressing up as some of our favourite book characters...


We also read with our reading buddies and shared some of our favourite stories....








Last week was Australia Day. Sophie brought in homemade Lamingtons to taste! They were delicious! smiley She told us facts about the history of Australia and the Australian flag. Great work! We found out the Australian flag includes a 7 pointed star.



We have had a delicious start to the term all round in Year 5! In groups we made a Greek salad to start off our topic on Ancient Greeks. Our results could've been on Masterchef!





This week we had great fun taking part in Wheelchair Basketball! We helped our buddies in Red class by showing them what to do and helping them use the wheelchairs. We then got a little competitive playing a proper match!


See some of our photos below!



Term 1 and 2

In Year 5 we started the term by doing a book study of Matilda. We performed the poem Matilda by Hilaire Belloc to the school. We studied Quentin Blake and had a go at doing our own illustrations. They are fantastic! 


We are focusing on the theme of determination this term and we have chosen a quote by Matilda to inspire us:


"Somewhere inside all of us is the power to change the world."


Who knows what you can achieve if you set your mind to it?


We are now zooming into Space! We acted out the movement of the Sun, Earth and Moon. We also made our own quizzes on Space and had a great afternoon playing them in class. We are reading Peter Pan and finding out about his adventures in Neverland.


Come back soon to check what else we have been up may get to fly away on an adventure with us!