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Winscombe Primary School

Class 3

Welcome to Year 3 where...

'Learning Rocks!' in terms 1 and 2

'Romans go on the Rampage' in terms 3 and 4

and we 'Welcome you to the Rainforest'

in terms 5 and 6


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Teacher - Miss Willows

We are lucky to have Mrs. Bratley supporting in Year 3 every morning except Monday. Mrs. Fletcher also supports us on Wednesday afternoon.

We also have dedicated volunteers who come in each week -  Mrs.Owen and Mrs. Townsend  enjoy being read to on Mondays and Thursdays respectively. 



Year 3 Reminders

Please have your PE kit in school every day! We are finding that children are wearing them home from after school clubs and forgetting to bring them back into school. We have PE on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Homework is given on a Thursday and is due in the following Wednesday (unless otherwise stated).

Thank You.

Year 3 Roman Day

On Tuesday 20th March, Year 3 came dressed as Romans to help them enjoy their WOW day.

We designed and made Roman coins out of clay and decorated our Roman shields using a mosaic style.

In the afternoon we were visited by Marcus Antonius Barbatus who told us all about life in Ancient Roman Times. We had great fun joining in with all the activities including marching with our shields in different formations.

Dog Awareness Workshop - 8th February

Year 3 joined Blue Class and Year 6 for the Dog Awareness Workshop that was postponed before Christmas.

We were taught the safe way to approach dogs and how to stand like a tree or a stone if we ever felt uneasy around a dog. It was an interesting and informative session and we each were awarded a badge as a reminder of what we had learnt.

Science Week

29th January - 2nd February

Theme - Exploration and Discovery

The week started with a special assembly by Whizz Pop Science. Rocket the scientist did some amazing experiments.

Year 3 Classroom hosted the Y3/4 workshop 'Poo from the Past'!

By examining dinosaur poo, we were able to decide whether the dinosaur was a herbivore, omnivore or carnivore. We all had great fun!

Thatchers Workshop

We were fortunate to have a visit fromThatchers who explained how science is important in producing food and drink products. We had fun tasting and testing products.

Family Challenge

We welcomed lots of family members into class to help build a structure to support a cream egg for 20 seconds. Each team had 30 pieces of spaghetti and 10 marshmallows. The designs were very creative and every team achieved the objective. We all had great fun and enjoyed learning together.

Science Week Book Share

We enjoyed sharing books we brought in from home with Y4. Plenty of 'Fascinating Facts' were exchanged.

Aladdin The Panto came to school -oh no it didn't, oh yes it did!

Chocolate Rocks

How you ever wondered how sedimentary rocks are formed? Well, with the help of some grated chocolate ( white, milk and dark) and crunched up bran flakes, we layered and squashed them and watched the magic happen!

Chocolate Rocks

Year 3 Surprise Visit!

Professor Robert Jones, an archaeologist from Indiana University,flew in to Bristol Airport to make a surprise visit to Year 3. He had heard that we were studying 'Learning Rocks!' and came to share his expertise about the Stone Age. He invited us into the hall and we had fun taking part in lots of activities including going on a mammoth hunt!

Penny for the Guy!

This year, we decided to make a Minion for our Guy Competition. All of the classes made a great effort with their Guys too and the PTFA had a difficult job judging the entries. Unfortunately, we were not placed this year but we had great fun making "Stuart"!

Picture 1

What a Wonderful World

Year 3 and Year 4 worked hard to learn songs from around the world for the cluster Music Festival held at Banwell Primary. We joined other school to sing together and show off our hats which we adorned with flags to represent the countries each song came from.

Thank you to parents who came and everyone involved in helping the children learn the songs off by heart.

Music Festival

Circus Skills WOW Day

Year 3 tried learning something new on our Circus Skills Day. As we learnt the poem Learning How to Juggle for our poetry performance, we were very interested into giving juggling a try.

Learning how to Juggle Poetry Performance

Still image for this video